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Winter 2022 Class Schedule


Classics offerings for the 2020-21 school year are tentative and subject to change without notice.

Classics 211Greek History and Culture: From Homer to Alexander the GreatDardenMW  12:30-1:50R 4-4:50, F 10-10:50, F 10-10:50, F 11-11:50, F 12-12:50, F 1-1:50
Classics 350Women of the Trojan War: Ancient and Modern AdaptationsDardenTR  12:30-1:50
Classics 390Comparative Approaches to Ancient EmpiresGunterTR  2-3:20
Classics 395Research Seminar: Methodology: Classics in the Digital AgeTerpstraTR  12:30-1:50
Greek 115-1Accelerated Elementary Ancient and Biblical GreekPlatteMTWR  3:30-4:50
Greek 201-2Introduction to Greek Literature: Classical ProsePlatteMWF  10-10:50
Greek 301Lyric PoetryPlatteTR  11-12:20
Latin 101-2Elementary LatinByrosMTWR  10-10:50
Latin 201-2Introduction to Latin LiteratureTataranniMWF  11-11:50
Latin 310Readings in Latin Literature: Witch-crafting: Gender and Magic TataranniMW  2-3:20
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