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Spring 2024 Class Schedule


Classics offerings for the 2023-24 school year are tentative and subject to change without notice.

CLA 101-8First-Year Writing Seminar: What Makes a Classic?WeintrittMW  2p - 3:20p
CLA 212Rome: Culture and EmpireTerpstraTTh  11a - 12:20pF 9a - 9:50a
F 10a - 10:50a
F 11a - 11:50a
F 12p - 12:50p
F 1p - 1:50p
F 2p - 2:50p
CLA 250 / CLS 201Literatures of the Ancient World: Epic and EpochsWeintrittTTh  2p - 3:20p
CLA 310Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean: The Archaeology of Pompeii, Herculaneum and StabiaeTerpstraTTh 2p - 3:20p 
CLA 314Topics in Ancient Science and Technology: Ancient AstronomyWintersMW  11a - 12:20p
CLA 350Greek and Latin Literature: Love Scripts: From Sappho to the BeatlesHopmanTTh  12:30p - 1:50p
GREEK 115-2Accelerated Elementary Ancient and Biblical GreekPlatteMTWTh  3:30p - 4:20p
GREEK 201-3Introduction to Greek Literature: The IliadPlatteMWF  10a - 10:50a
GREEK 301Readings in Greek Literature: Helen of Troy on TrialWintersMW  2p - 3:20p
LATIN 101-3Elementary LatinWalkerMTWTh  10a - 10:50a
LATIN 201-3-1Introduction to Latin Literature: CatullusTataranniMWF  10a - 10:50a
LATIN 201-3-2Introduction to Latin Literature: CatullusTataranniMWF  11a - 11:50a
LATIN 310Readings in Latin Literature: Women's Latin: Willetrudis' de SusannaWalkerMW  12:30p - 1:50p