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Classical Traditions Courses

Offered in departments other than classics, classical traditions courses give significant attention to ancient Greece or Rome, or to the use of Greek or Roman culture in some later tradition. They may be used to satisfy certain major and minor requirements. To determine which current courses meet the criteria, students should consult the director of undergraduate studies. Courses that have recently met the criteria include:

Course Title
ART_HIST 310-1 Ancient Art: Greece
ART_HIST 319-0/HUM 370 Monsters, Art, and Civilization
ENGLISH 383-0 Special Topics in Theory
PHIL 210-1 Intro to Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 310-0 Studies in Ancient Philosophy
POLI_SCI 101-6 Plato’s Republic
POLI_SCI 301-0 Classical Political Theory
THEATRE 373-1 Acting II: Analysis and Performance
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