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Graduate Student Placement

Placement Record of Classics Cluster Affiliates

Graduate Classics Cluster placements
Student Name Field, PhD Year Dissertation Title  Current Position 
Cochran, William
Philosophy 2020 "Aristotle’s Notion of Teaching and Its Role in His Theory of Moral Education"
Dutmer, Evan
Philosophy, 2019
Instructor in Latin and Concurrent Instructor in Ethics, Culver Academies
Olien, Catherine  
Art History, 2018 "Between Classicism and Orientalism: The Reception of Ancient Cypriot Sculpture, 1860-1900"
Hunter, Elizabeth  
Theater and Drama, 2018 "Enactive Spectatorship in Contemporary Productions of Shakespeare’s Plays"
Tevebring, Frederika 
Comparative Literary Studies, 2017 "Unveiling Baubo: The Making of an Ancient Myth"
Long-term Fellow at the Warburg Institute, University of London
Cox, Jordana
Theater and Drama, 2015  "Propaganda for Democracy:’ Dialogue and Dissemination in the Federal Theatre Project’s Living Newspapers, 1936-9.” 
Hartstock, Katie
Comparative Literary Studies, Classics, English, 2015
 “The Past Like Never Before: Classical Women in Revisionary Poetry from Euripides and Ovid to H.D., Rita Dove, and Carol Ann Duffy”
Lodewyck, Laura 
Theater and Drama, 2015
"Performing for Soldiers: Twenty-First-Century Experiments in Greek Theater in the U.S.A."
Tovar, Daniel 
Philosophy, 2015  "Perception and Persuasion in Aristotle’s Ethics"
Bush, Randall 
Communication Studies, 2013 "Anxiety Over the Demos: Plato, Cicero, Machiavelli"
Assistant Professor of Communications, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Maksymchuk, Oksana 
Philosophy, 2013  "The Measure Doctrine in Plato’s Protagoras"
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Arkansas
Lee, Jenny
English, 2012   "Confessio Auctoris: Confessional Poetics and Authority in the Literature of Late Medieval England, 1350-1450"
Smith, Joshua
English, 2011
"Literary Encounters in the Anglo-Welsh Borderlands, 1138-1400"
Assistant Professor of English, University of Arkansas
Kasimis, Demetra
Political Science, 2010  
"Drawing the Boundaries of Democracy: Immigrants and Citizens in Ancient Greek Political Thought"
Njus, Jesse 
Theater and Drama, 2010 
"Performing the Passion: A Study on the Nature of Medieval Acting"
Flack, Leah
Comparative Literary Studies, 2009  "Modernism’s Odysseys"
Irani, Tushar
Philosophy, 2008  "Plato’s Grounds for Philosophy: The Virtues of Dialectic in the Later Dialogues"
Skultety, Steven 
Philosophy, 2006
"The Role of Conflict in Aristotle’s Political Philosophy"

Department Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Mississippi


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