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Classical Antiquity in the News



Road Built by Biblical Villain Uncovered in Jerusalem
Stunningly Preserved Fresco of Narcissus Discovered in Pompeii
Archaeologist Finds New Evidence of the Romans Who Survived Mt. Vesuvius
The Clandestine Cultural Knowledge of Ancient Graffiti
pompeii-shrine Elaborate Ancient Shrine is Excavated From the Ashes of Pompeii
tenea Greece Says Ancient Lost City of Tenea Has Been Found
screen-shot-2018-11-15-at-2.27.38-pm.png World's Oldest Intact Shipwreck Discovered in Black Sea 
read360x200.jpg Why the Literature of Antiquity Still Matters
pompeii-archeo Archeological Find Changes Date of Pompeii’s Destruction
graphicnovel360x200.jpg Finding the Roots of Graphic Novels in the Ancient World

What Thucydides Knew About the U.S. Today

Vatican Digitizes a 1,600-Year-Old Illuminated Manuscript of the Aeneid
Ancient Rome menu at Next is the Most Fascinating in Years
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