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Study Abroad

Classics majors may take advantage of some extraordinary opportunities for study abroad: for a summer, a term, or a year; work on a dig, tour ancient archeological sites, study language, literature, or history at a foreign university. Our advisors will work with you to arrange for credit toward the major.

Northwestern and Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

Many of our students participate in the affiliated program at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (administered through Duke), or in Athens at the Arcadia Center for Hellenic Studies. Classroom work is accompanied by visits to sites and excavations, museum tours and lectures, and field trips to various parts of Italy or Greece, respectively. 

Classics students who wish to apply to the ICCS Program in Rome must meet in advance with the Study Abroad Advisor, and Prof. Robert Wallace, the Classics Department's representative, who will write a letter of recommendation for all applicants from our department.

Another option for study abroad is the new Athens: Ancient Culture and Modern City program. This includes topics on ancient life and religion and the relationship between modern Greece and its past. 

Other Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

While many students choose to go overseas during the academic year, summer can be a very convenient time for studying Greek and Latin in Athens or Rome and traveling through Italy or Greece with expert archaeologists. Here are a list of recommended (but non-affiliated) summer programs to which you may apply:

Summer Study Abroad Departmental Funding

The Department of Classics is delighted to award a $2,000 fellowship to support a Northwestern student to attend an on-site program pertaining to the study of ancient Mediterranean cultures during the summer. All the programs on the list attached above are eligible for the fellowship. Other programs may be eligible pending approval from the department.

Summer 2020 Application Deadline: April 6, 2020 

Please consult with the department’s Study Abroad Advisor for further information on these and other study abroad options. For questions regarding the transfer of credit toward the major or minor, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

For other information, please contact the Global Learning Office at 1800 Sherman Ave., Suite 4-400 - Evanston, IL 60208, (847) 467-6400.





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