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Classics Undergraduate Advisory Board

CUAB hosts trivia night during Classics Power Week

 In 2018-2019, The Department formed the Classics Undergraduate Advisory Board (CUAB). This group of passionate students organizes undergraduate events, like the Classics Trivia Night (pictured), and consults with faculty on issues ranging from departmental planning to the promotion of Classics on and off-campus.  Currently, Classics major Skye McCoy serves as the group’s president and Anusha Ebrahim as its vice-president. The department expects to benefit from the group’s passion and dedication for years to come.

Skye McCoy

"I'm really motivated to help the CUAB succeed. Northwestern's Classics community is vibrant and I'd love to bring us all together. I'd also really like to introduce new students to the field of Classics--knowledge of the ancient world is valuable across all disciplines!" ~ Skye 


"I joined the CUAB because I saw it as an opportunity to bridge the gap between students and faculty, as well as to create a much-needed space for Classics enthusiasts like myself to converse and learn from each other!" ~ Anusha 

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