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Classics Undergraduate Advisory Board

CUAB hosts trivia night

The Classics Undergraduate Advisory Board (CUAB) is a set of majors who organize a range of events for their peers. These include fun Classics Trivia Night (pictured), movie screenings, visits to area museums, and theater performances.  The faculty confer with members of the advisory board on issues ranging from curriculum planning and faculty recruitment to the promotion of Classics on and off campus.  

These are just a few quotes we have gotten back from students who participated in CUAB events

"I’ve made some of my best friends here at Northwestern through the Classics department and CUAB events."

"I look forward to working with both faculty and undergraduates to foster and strengthen the passion for studying antiquity that we all share." 

"CUAB creates a welcoming environment for all students and strengthen this community where we all bond over our shared love of antiquity."