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Research Seminar: Classics in the Digital Age (Classics 395)

Research Seminar: Classics in the Digital Age (Classics 395)

The purpose of the Classics Research Seminar is to provide Classics students with an opportunity to work closely with Classics faculty; to get acquainted with fundamental research skills and tools; and to apply those in a research project that will ideally constitute a first step toward their honors thesis.

By the end of the course, students will be prepared to undertake a research project in the interdisciplinary field of Classics. Among other things, they will be familiar with reference tools allowing them to search, analyze, and interpret ancient evidence from a variety of media including texts, inscriptions, coins, buildings, and vase-paintings. They will also have learnt skills such as how to read a critical apparatus and transcribe an inscription.

The course is designed to reflect current developments in the field of Classics. It therefore emphasizes digital approaches, including both digital tools for the study and manipulation of ancient evidence, as well as digital projects that employ advanced computational methods. 

The Research Seminar is designed for juniors with reading knowledge of Latin or Greek. Sophomores and seniors may participate with departmental permission. 


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