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The Joseph Clyde Murley Prize for Undergraduate Research in Classics

April 14, 2015

The Joseph Clyde Murley Prize for Undergraduate Research in Classics is awarded to the best undergraduate research work of the year on the subject of ancient Greek or Roman culture, chosen from among the pieces of work submitted to the prize committee. The committee is made up of Classics department faculty.

For details, see below. Please direct any questions about the Prize not answered here to the D.U.S. in Classics, Professor John Wynne.


For the 2015 prize, work submitted during Spring, Summer or Fall quarters 2014, or Winter quarter 2015, is eligible.

‘Ancient Greek or Roman culture’ is to be construed broadly. Work is eligible if its central concern is any aspect of the ancient Greek or Roman worlds, for example their literature, visual art, history, astronomy, religion, economy, mythology, archaeology, philosophy, and so forth. Work is also eligible if its central concern is some part of the explicit tradition of, or reaction to, ancient Greek and Roman culture in later periods.

‘Research’ may also be construed broadly. In addition to library or archival work, literary critical or philosophical reflection on an ancient text, for example, is research. The committee may also consider a creative work, provided that the work is the result of an academic project, and that it demonstrates rigorous engagement with ancient Greek or Roman culture.

The work need not have been undertaken under the auspices of the Classics Department. Undergraduate work on the classics of any sort, submitted for any class or academic project at Northwestern, is eligible.

Entrants should make the changes necessary for anonymity (see below), but may not in any other way modify their work before entering it in the competition.

Submission guidelines

Submissions are due by 5:00 pm on May 15th.