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From Homer to Freestyle Rap

May 29, 2019

The Mudkids, a hip-hop group hailing from Indianapolis, excited students in their performance on May 10th. The members – Elp-Mass, Rusy Redenbacher, Skittz, DJ Helicon, and DJ Indiana Jones – performed a few of their favorite songs. They then took suggestions from the audience and incorporated the responses into an impressive freestyle rap that was both topical and entertaining. Their performance contributed to a conversation on oral poetics introduced and moderated by Classics Professor Jonah Radding. Contemporary freestyle rap and Homer’s oral poetic tradition share many qualities – which was made clear by this event. For more information on the Mudkids, please visit:

 Co-sponsors – Departments of Classics and African American Studies, and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences - were honored to have the Mudkids be part of this conversation.