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Jennifer Weintritt

Assistant Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature

Ph.D. Yale University

Jennifer Weintritt received her Ph.D. from Yale University. She specializes in the formation and reception of the classical tradition from antiquity to the present day. Her first book project, The Greek Epic Cycle in Latin Epic, investigates the role of narrative continuation in shaping literary canons and notions of cultural inheritance. Her other interests include gender and sexuality studies and the analysis of adaptations, translations, and other transformative works. With courses on Roman nostalgia and women-centric rewritings of myth, her teaching emphasizes how the tools we’ve developed for understanding ancient societies apply to the modern world. Weintritt has also worked in Second Language Acquisition pedagogy and Digital Humanities, and she offers a Latin course that trains students in Arethusa, a program for diagramming sentences, and the fundamentals of XML editing.