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Nick Winters

Assistant Professor of Classics

Nick Winters (PhD Duke University) is a classicist and former physicist specializing in ancient mathematics and science. His dissertation, "Schools of Greek Mathematical Practice" (2020), proposed a major revision to the history of Greek mathematics, organizing ancient texts into networks of information transmission and methodology. He spent 2022-23 as a fellow at the American School of Classical Studies st Athens.

Outside of mathematics, Dr. Winters' work has included projects in ancient medicine, music, engineering, and practical sciences such as surveying and accounting, weaving and textile arts, timekeeping, and navigation. Beyond the ancient sciences, Dr. Winters teaches courses on the history of books and textual scholarship, ancient gender and sexuality, and Greek and Roman historiography. He is an editor of the undergraduate research journal Philomathes, a member of the Hellenic Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, and chair of the Trans in Classics organization.